Do you suffer from health problems?


I provide individual homeopathic consultancy as well as consultancy to companies in the field of homeopathy

What can Homeopathy treat?


Homeopathy treats both acute and chronic problems.

Acute problems

  • fever, cold
  • runny nose, cough
  • bronchitis to pneumonia
  • angina/tonsillitis/sore throat, flu
  • headache
  • inflammation of the sinuses, middle ear
  • conjunctivitis, stye/hordeolum (barley grain in the eye)
  • toothache
  • herpes
  • allergic reactions, swelling, rash
  • abdominal pain, diarrhoea
  • faster healing after injuries and recovery after operations, concussion
  • overload, shock, fright
  • stress, sleep problems
  • pain after physical activity
  • strengthening the immune system
  • purification of the body after vaccination
  • coronavirus disease (covid-19)

Chronic problems

  • immune disorders – allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, some autoimmune disorders
  • pain in the spine, musculoskeletal system
  • growth problems
  • chronic cough, runny nose
  • bronchial asthma
  • vascular problems, anaemia
  • digestive problems (anorexia, bulimia, overweight, failure to thrive, stomach ache, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, Crohn’s disease, haemorrhoids, diabetes)
  • female problems (fibroids, cysts, discharge, itching)
  • tooth decay
  • visual impairment, eye problems
  • skin problems, hair loss, acne
  • atopic eczema
  • fungal diseases
  • headaches, migraines
  • epilepsy
  • children’s problems – behavioral disorders (e.g. ADHD, autism, Asperger’s syndrome)
  • gynaecological problems (recurrent infections, functional disorders, menstrual disorders, painful menstruation)
  • male and female infertility
  • states of anxiety, neurosis, sadness, depression, fatigue, anger, fear
  • stress sickness, workaholism, exhaustion, irritability
  • sleep disorders, insomnia
  • long-term consequences of coronavirus disease (covid-19) etc.

Exceptions are life-threatening acute problems and injuries requiring urgent intervention by classical medicine.

“For me, Homeopathy is a path to self-knowledge, to life balance, to get to know how to cope with extremely demanding stressful situations and a way to strengthen vital strength of a man to full health.”

Iva Bíliková

About me

The journey and story of my life brought me in 2017 to post-Classical Homeopathy, its active use and systematic treatment.



Initial consultation (60-90 min) 1.500 CZK
Control consultation (30-60 min) 1.200 CZK
Consultation for companies contractual remuneration

I am not VAT registered; VAT does not apply.


Initial consultation (60-90 min)
1 500 CZK

Control consultation (30-60 min)
1 200 CZK

Consultation for companies
contractual remuneration

I am not VAT registered; thus, VAT does not apply.

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